AMJV Partner Spotlight: Tennessee Riv...

Have we mentioned recently that our AMJV partners are AMAZING?! Today, we want to shine a spotlight (or
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Successful 1st Eastern Partners in Fl...

The Eastern Working Group of Partners in Flight held a scoping meeting at the Nashville Zoo 24-25 April
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WV Focal Landscape Example

Focus on Focal Landscapes

Challenges to Conservation in the Appalachian Region Most forests in the Appalachian Mountain Region have historically been or
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AMJV Technical Committee Meets in Wes...

On August 6th and 7th, at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Appalachian Lab in
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Cutting down on single-use plastic is one way you can help to #BringBirdsBack 🙌🏻

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Each year, more than 10 billion pounds of plastic enter our oceans & harm countless birds. But you can make things better! Consider using a refillable water bottle and cut down on single-use plastics to help #BringBirdsBack. Check out all of our Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds:
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American Bird ConservancyWe're letting the chips fall where they may with our Bird of the Week - the Pileated Woodpecker! One of the most interesting things about this bird is how it was (sort of) the inspiration for a famous cartoon character. At least that character's laugh. Or was that the Acorn Woodpecker? You decide ... Video by Justin Hoffman ... See MoreSee Less

Please keep your cats indoors (ideally with enclosed outdoor space) to protect them AND wildlife, especially birds 🐱🐱💕

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Pet and feral cats in the U.S. kill 2.4 billion birds each year. Controlling your cat outdoors is healthier for both your cat & the birds in your neighborhood! Learn more about how to #BringBirdsBack with our Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds:
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Conservation in Action, Partnerships that Work

Working both collectively and independently, joint venture partners conduct activities in support of bird conservation goals developed by the partnership. Our strength is in our ability to strategically deliver conservation actions at a scale and scope unachievable by any single agency or organization.

AMJV Technical Committee Meets in Western Maryland

Management Board Partners

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