2014 Farm Bill Field Guide

Conservation in the 2014 Farm Bill

Photo by Rainwater Basin Joint Venture.
By acquiring a solid foundation of knowledge about the 2014 Farm Bill’s conservation provisions, partnership providers can help landowners meet their conservation goals. Download this section.

The conservation title of the 2014 Farm Bill continues to be based on the principles that have been central to it for decades – providing cost-sharing for improved farming practices, conserving environmentally sensitive lands, securing easements to protect agricultural lands and wetlands, and encouraging conservation partnerships. These principles can be thought of as the four “buckets” of the conservation title. In addition, although the Farm Bill’s financial incentive programs are often more familiar, disincentive policies remained an important component of the conservation title.

Because of program funding reductions and consolidation of core programs, partnerships for private land conservation will be even more important. Working closely with USDA and landowners, costshared partnership positions can help landowners assess their goals and challenges on their property. By acquiring a solid foundation of knowledge about the 2014 Farm Bill’s conservation provisions, partnership providers can help landowners meet their conservation goals.