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AMJV Plans

 3 Year Operational Plan
This document outlines the major topics that are priorities to the AMJV and how the Joint Venture and partners will identify and deliver specific contributions to accomplish collective conservation objectives. The Operational Plan includes a brief outline on biological planning and conservation design for several species and habitats, landscape assessments, coordinated monitoring networks, communication and education activities, and more.

 Implementation Plan
The Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV) is a partnership that was founded to coordinate and implement all-bird conservation in the Appalachian Mountains Bird Conservation Region. This plan provides an overview of the purpose of the AMJV, organizational structure, and landscape-level conservation approach.

 AMJV Communications and Engagement Strategy 2017-2021
This Communication and Outreach Strategy is designed to promote, coordinate and deliver bird habitat conservation with natural resource partners as well as key targeted audiences. This strategy will guide AMJV’s efforts in implementing innovative and targeted communication campaigns and engagement activities over the next five years, supporting the goals and objectives laid out in the AMJV Operational Plan. It will focus and advance efforts to build public and private partnerships to ensure the long-term sustainability of native bird populations that breed in the Appalachian Mountains.