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Management Guidelines

 Golden-winged Warbler Best Management Practices for Forestlands
Focusing on Maryland and Pennsylvania, the best management practice guide discusses conservation concerns regarding Golden-winged Warbler and goes into detail about where to focus efforts, habitat needs, and habitat management.

 Cerulean Warbler Management Guidelines for Appalachian Hardwood Forests
These are forest management guidelines for enhancing Cerulean Warbler breeding habitat in Appalachian hardwood forests.  This document provides land managers in the Appalachian Region with guidelines for retaining and enhancing habitat for Cerulean Warblers and a diverse bird community based on the current available science. The guidelines apply primarily to upland oak-dominated habitats where the majority of the research reported was completed.

 American Woodcock Habitat Best Management Practices
Focusing on the Central Appalachian Mountains, this Best Management Practice guide provides information on American Woodcock habitat needs, habitat goals, conservation planning, and other species that would benefit from American Woodcock management practices.