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Working Lands for Wildlife

Golden-winged Warbler

This partnership between the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is restoring habitat for a variety of species on privately owned lands. Working Lands for Wildlife uses a voluntary, innovative approach to benefit high-priority habitat for seven species that are either declining, candidates for listing, or listed under the Endangered Species Act. By working with conservation partners, private landowners can receive technical and financial assistance to voluntarily restore and improve habitat on their land.

One of the species in this initiative is the Golden-winged Warbler, a declining migratory songbird that breeds in old field and young forest habitat and is one of the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture's (AMJV) highest priority species. In an effort to proactively address the decline of this species, NRCS and AMJV partners are providing technical and financial assistance to private landowners to enhance habitat on their property to benefit Golden-winged Warblers and a host of other species that require this habitat, including several game species.  Assistance is available to private landowners in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

More information about Working Lands for Wildlife for Golden-winged Warblers is available through the contacts and links below:

NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife Golden-winged Warbler Website

State Contacts (where available):

Matthew Rowley
Golden-winged Warbler Forester
Allegany Field Service Center
12407 Naves Cross Road NE
Cumberland, MD  21502-6805
Phone:    301-777-1494

Aimee Tomcho
Conservation Biologist
Audubon North Carolina
P.O. Box 1544
Burnsville, NC 28714
(828) 419-0890

Emily C. Bellush
Golden-winged Warbler Biologist
216 Spring Run Road, Room 102
Mill Hall, PA 17751
Phone: 570-726-3196 ext. 131
Fax: 855-831-7927

Justin Folks
Private Lands Wildlife Biologist
Northwestern VA Conservation Office
70 Dick Huff Ln
Verona, VA 24482
(540) 248-6218 ext. 108

Andrew Rosenberger
Private Lands Biologist
SW Virginia
(540) 381-4221 ext. 128

If no contact is available for your state, please contact your state’s NRCS Office for more information.