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West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas II Update

WV Breeding Bird Atlas II is showing changes in distributions of priority species; Richard Bailey, WVDNR.

The fourth field season of the six-year atlas project was successfully completed. Staff coordinated agency activities, volunteer efforts, and contracts and grants to assist the project while completing numerous days of fieldwork to gather atlas data for breeding confirmations and abundance counts. Major highlights for this project included:
  • Abundance point-count surveys completed on 108 priority blocks
  • 24,699 individual bird observations submitted in 2012, exceeding totals from the previous year by 64%
  • 170 species recorded statewide
  • 934 blocks received submissions
  • 101 participants in the atlas surveyed and submitted data
  • A State Wildlife Grant funded atlas effort in coalfield…
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Citizen Science Documents Potential Important Bird Area in Maryland Forests

Canada Warbler habitat in Savage River State Forest; photo by David Curson, Audubon.

Audubon Maryland-DC completed a 2-year “Bird Blitz” survey of Savage River State Forest and adjacent forestlands in Garrett County, Maryland, with the goal of documenting the site as a new Important Bird Area (IBA). Bird Blitz is a volunteer-based survey that targets at-risk species in order to identify new IBAs. During May and June 2011 and 2012, 14 volunteers along with Audubon staff completed 28 surveys covering 159 km of survey transects. Count totals included 120 wood thrush, 15 cerulean warblers, and 68 Canada warblers, indicating that Savage River will qualify as an IBA, with the nomination currently being compiled. This effort was supported by a State…
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Monitoring and Data Management Projects at Hampton Creek Cove

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) funded a Golden-winged Warbler (GWWA) monitoring project at Hampton Creek Cove State Natural Area for a second consecutive year. Data were collected on the number of territorial males, hybrid, and blue-winged warbler interactions, nest productivity, site fidelity, and habitat use. A total of 18 territorial males (17 golden-wings and 1 blue-winged warbler) were monitored, in addition to one successful nesting female brewster’s warbler located at 3,640 feet. Warbler response to 2008-2010 habitat management activities was also assessed.

In addition, the TWRA supported a data management project which collated GWWA monitoring and habitat management data collected by several partners (TWRA, Southern…
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