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Workshops Teach Best Practices on Managing Ohio’s Forest for Birds

Workshop participants learned recommendations found in “Managing Forest Birds” guide; photo by David Apsley.

In May and June 2014, the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (OBCI) and its partners held three workshops to train foresters, land managers, and woodland owners on the recommendations found in the "Managing Forest Birds” guide. Through the workshops, more than 75 people learned how to best manage forest habitat to benefit bird populations. The workshops included a field component that allowed attendees to learn the basics of bird identification and to observe birds in various types of forests.

OBCI and its partners connect researchers and managers to promote best management practices for birds in Ohio’s forests, including priority species like the cerulean warbler. In 2013,…
...

Final Field Season for West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas II

West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas logo.

2014 marked the final of six years of fieldwork for the 2nd West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas. During the 2014 field season, staff, partners, and volunteers submitted nearly 16,500 observations on over 1000 blocks from 93 observers. A total of 165 species were reported in all. State Wildlife Grant funds supported two atlas contractors that focused on completing abundance sampling in 15 priority blocks and night surveys for eastern screechIowl in 27 priority blocks.

The 2nd West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas has now received close to 53,000 observations in priority blocks only. This exceeds the roughly 27,400 observations that the first edition received during the six…
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Pennsylvania GWWA Habitat Initiative Receives Conservation Champions Award

AMJV Coordinator Todd Fearer presents award to Jeff Larkin representing Pennsylvania habitat initiatve.

The AMJV is proud to announce that the Pennsylvania Young Forest Council’s Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Initiative received a North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champion Award for their innovative approach to protecting public and private lands for priority species. The Initiative was one of seven recipients in the nation. This award is given to partners and partnerships that have demonstrated a long7term commitment and dedication to the important work of the Joint Ventures in conserving habitats for birds and other wildlife, leveraging resources, developing cutting-edge research to fill gaps in knowledge, and guiding resource management action through science-based planning.

The Pennsylvania Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Initiative began…
...

Surveys for the Secretive Swainson’s Warbler

Swainson's Warbler; photo by National Park Service.

Swainson’s warbler is a secretive songbird strongly linked to a dense woody understory with abundant leaf litter under a mostly-closed canopy. The true distribution of this species in West Virginia has never been adequately determined despite various historical accounts and a completed breeding bird atlas. In 2013, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources initiated a two-year effort to clearly delineate range extent and distribution within that range as a supplement to the ongoing breeding bird atlas and to support future research efforts. 

The survey is targeting all accessible and suitable habitat at the margins and within the birds known historical range. Limited song playback is used…
...

PA Partnership Continues Successful Implementation of Young Forest Habitat

Landowner, forester, and logger at Pennsylvania Golden-winged Warbler habitat initiative project; photo by L. Jackson.

In 2014, our partnership continued its effort to create quality young forest habitat for breeding Golden-winged Warblers (GWWA) and associated species on private lands in Pennsylvania. Like 2012 and 2013, this past year proved to be an exciting and productive time for the Pennsylvania Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Initiative. Our partnership worked closely with NRCS field offices to fund 23 Working Lands for Wildlife-Golden-winged Warbler projects in Pennsylvania. These projects totaled 1,090 acres of new GWWA breeding habitat. Our strong partnership allowed Pennsylvania to account for more than 77% of all GWWA breeding habitat acres enrolled across the nine Appalachian states eligible to participate in NRCS-WLFW. In the first three years…
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