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Grant: Best Management Practices Development for Golden-winged Warblers

Jeff Larkin listens to a male Golden-winged Warbler singing on territory in Sproul State Forest, PA; photo by Brian Smith.
In November 2009, the AMJV was awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Early Successional Habitat Keystone Initiative grant. We will partner with Dr. Jeff Larkin at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to develop forestry-related BMPs for Golden-winged Warblers in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We will use recent research results from Golden-winged Warbler Working Group projects and will rely on expert input. Our goal is to create Best management Practices (BMPs) specific for Golden-winged Warbler, but also to integrate Golden-winged Warbler BMPs with Central Appalachian woodcock BMPs, in order to implement integrated BMPs where the ranges of the two species overlap. We also will hold several workshops in the project area with land managers, foresters, and other interested entities to learn how to incorporate and implement Golden-winged Warbler BMPs. This is a two-year grant, and will provide a general framework to the Golden-winged Warbler Working Group when they begin developing breeding range BMPs in the very near future.