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Enhancement Underway at Site of Georgia’s Remaining GWWA Population

Enhancement project on Brawley Mountain is increasing habitat for Georgia’s sole GWWA population; photo by Jim Wentworth, USFS.
Significant progress was made in the implementation of a project to enhance habitat conditions for the Golden-winged Warbler (GWWA) on the Blue Ridge Ranger District of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. The project is located on Brawley Mountain in Fannin County and is the site of Georgia’s only remaining GWWA population. The project is executed under a Stewardship Agreement with the National Wild Turkey Federation. Approximately 184 acres of  timber harvest, 150 acres of midstory chainsaw felling, and 80 acres of herbicide stump treatment has been accomplished. Plans are being finalized to prescribe burn a portion of the area this winter. When completed, the project will create approximately 400 acres of open oak woodland conditions favored by this species. The Brawley Mountain Project was developed by biologists with the US Forest Service and Georgia Wildlife Resources’ Nongame Conservation Section. Significant support was provided by the National Audubon Society’s Georgia Important Bird Areas program.