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Golden-winged Warbler Monitoring Project Continues at Hampton Creek Cove

A male Golden-winged Warbler banded at Hampton Creek Cove; photo by Nora Schubert.
A Golden-winged Warbler monitoring project, funded by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, has documented population and breeding activities of this priority bird species at Hampton Creek Cove State Natural Area (HCCSNA) for three consecutive years.  The major goals of this project are to record arrival phenology, breeding site fidelity, and number and spatial arrangement of all Golden-winged Warbler territories through color banding and territory mapping. Monitoring is also detailing nest success, vegetation characteristics of nest sites and territories, level of genetic introgression between Golden-winged Warbler and Blue-winged Warbler and hybrids, and evaluating the avian community associated with Warblers at this particular geographic location by conducting point counts.  In the past year, the project monitored a total of 17 territorial males (16 Golden-wings and 1 Brewster’s Warbler).  Warbler response to 2008-2010 habitat management activities was also assessed.  North Carolina Audubon assisted with data collection. The project is incorporating date into range-wide analyses for the Southern Appalachian Region.