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AMJV Supports Update of PIF Plan and State of North America’s Birds Report

The State of North America’s Birds Trinational Report will detail the status of birdlife throughout the continent. Map: NABCI.
In 2004, Partners in Flight produced the North American Landbird Conservation Plan, providing a continental synthesis of the priorities and tasks to guide landbird conservation to protect remaining populations and reverse long-term population declines. In 2015, natural resource and conservation partners – including the AMJV - came together to update this landmark plan, which includes revisions to both the methodology and resulting vulnerability scores of Species Assessment as well as publication of new and innovative products. Since the majority of the AMJV’s priority species are landbirds, the revision of this Plan will be a cornerstone to the ongoing AMJV prioritization process and will create a shared vision for landbird conservation across North America. Joint Ventures and Watchlist Species will feature heavily in this plan revision.

AMJV staff have also been heavily involved in the development and communications strategy around the release of the first-of-its-kind State of North America’s Birds Trinational Report. This report reflects the best available science on the status of birdlife in North America, providing detailed information on the status of birds in specific habitats, how to continue building on successes, and next steps to take for action. It is an unprecedented content-wide analysis powered by people – the joint effort of tens of thousands of citizen-scientists from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. It is expected to be released in the Spring of 2016.