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Land Trust Initiative Aims to Protect Birds on Private Lands

The home page for the new Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative; Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
By Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A new partnership between Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Land Trust Alliance seeks to help protect birds on private lands. The goal of the new Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative and associated website (birdtrust.org) is to improve conservation for declining species by pairing the bird conservation community with land trusts, which protect more than 24 million acres of private land nationwide.

A recent survey conducted by the Cornell Lab found that birds and bird habitat are a priority for two-thirds of land trusts. Many land trusts are already contributing to bird conservation in a variety of ways, such as putting land under easement and managing their lands to enhance habitat for birds. At the same time, a high percentage of land trusts expressed a desire for new resources, tools, and technical support to amplify their bird conservation efforts.

The Resources Directory of birdtrust.org is chock-full of technical information and funding resources that were gleaned from conservation partners across the United States, and are intended to aid land trusts in strategic bird conservation. The Cornell Lab is also working to connect land trusts that share oversight of one or more bird species of concern in a region. The Lab holds workshops and provides technical support to help these collaborative groups strengthen bird conservation in their region.