2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

Handbook and Materials

'Grasshopper Sparrow' by Bob Schamerhorn
Handbook of the Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas
The Atlas handbook describes all of the important protocols and procedures necessary for successful atlasing. Additionally, it provides some background about the project and partners involved with supporting the VABBA2.

Breeding Timeline Bar Charts
These charts show the typical start date and length of the breeding, migration, and non-breeding seasons, as well as transitional times, for birds breeding in the three major eco-regions of Virginia.  Transition times represent overlap between migration and breeding seasons and breeding codes should be used with care at these times. (Note: these are suggested timelines only and not to be taken as absolute.)

Taxonomic order:
Phenological order (earliest to latest breeding species):
Breeding Categories and Codes
This document provides a short description of the breeding codes used for the VABBA2. A lengthier explanation of each can be found in the Atlas Handbook.

Priority Species List
This document provides a list of all species for which precise locations should be entered into the priority species database (found on 'Submit Data' page).

First VA BBA Species Lists
This link takes you to the original USGS BBA Explorer, which you can search for a list of the species found in your block during the first VA Breeding Bird Atlas, 1985-1989.  

Field Data Forms
  • Field Survey Checklist - if you prefer to hand-write your checklists, printout and use this handy field data sheet.
  • Block Summary Sheet - for personal use only; to help track your progress in a block.
  • Quick Field Reference Sheet - a short guide for all essential atlas info that can be printed and tucked into a field book for quick reference. 
Land Access Materials