2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

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Season Two Project Summary
Season Two Summary is out!
Click here to check out highlights from our second season of data collection.  Downloadable versions of Atlas coverage and species maps are available on the Atlas Maps page.

Data Entry Tutorials
Breeding Code Guidance: When & How to Use Codes
Species-specific and Nocturnal Survey Guidance
Atlas Survey & Block Completion
Regional Atlas Profile Stories Atlas eBird Feature Stories Atlas Volunteer Profiles
Atlas Season One - 2016
Click here to view an overview of the first year of the VABBA2 project: Season 1 Summary.

News Articles about the Atlas project Helpful birding links and resources
  • Cornell's Birds of North America Online: an excellent reference for comprehensive life history information on all North American birds.  Atlas volunteers now receive a discounted membership!  Contact Ashley (atlas coordinator) about receiving this discount.
  • Check out this helpful link for testing and certifying your bird knowledge: Birder Certification Online
  • Cornell's All About Birds site is fantastic resource for atlas volunteers looking for more detailed species information than what can be found 
For the Young Birders...
  • Check out a great website for Beginner Birder resources, suggested by Hallie, a young birder from NY!
  • Download our Young Birders Worksheet for a simplified datasheet that kids can use to collect breeding information.  (Parents, please help your young birders enter their observations into the Atlas eBird portal.)
  • For an interesting page recommended by one of our younger birders, Anabel.  Check out Birds in the Air for lots of useful birdwatching links.