2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

Atlas Events

Spring/Summer 2019 Programs

Original photo CO Amy Johnson-Venclik

Atlas Coordinator, Dr. Ashley Peele, will present an Atlas program at the following locations and dates:

Please join us to learn more about the Atlas program, exciting results from our first three years, and guidance on how to get involved as an Atlas volunteer.

VABBA2 Weekend Blockbusting Rallies 2019

Come join us for this season’s round of Atlas fun!  During the final two field seasons for the project (2019-2020), we will be hosting a series of Atlas rallies in the most under-surveyed regions of the state.  The goal of these events is  to provide a weekend for volunteers to travel to a less known part of the Commonwealth and work in small teams to survey a number of priority blocks over the course of the weekend.  In other words, to blockbust!  Atlas Coordinator, Dr. Ashley Peele, is partnering with regional coordinators, as well as Chief Rangers at four of VA’s State Parks to host these events.

Here is the current event lineup for 2019…

May 31-June 2 | Twin Lakes Atlas Rally (Prince Edward county) : Register here to help us tackle this section of the south-central Piedmont.

Click here to reserve your lodging/camping at Twin Lakes SP


June 14-16 | Hungry Mother Atlas Rally* (Smyth county): Register here to survey this beautiful area VA’s mountain-valley region.

Click here to reserve your lodging/camping at Hungry Mother SP


June 21-23 | Staunton River Atlas Rally* (Halifax county): Register here to help us survey this southern border of VA.

Click here to reserve your lodging/camping at Staunton River SP


June 28-30 | Natural Tunnel Atlas Rally* (Scott county): Register here for our most remote rally in the farthest corner of southwest VA.

Click here to reserve your lodging/camping at Natural Tunnel SP


*Bunk-style housing is available at these two events for experienced Atlas volunteers who are willing to be group leaders.  This housing will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, so register soon if interested!

Registration deadline for all events May 1st!

The General Schedule for these events is available now.  Specific event details will be emailed to registered participants several weeks prior to each event.