2022 State of the Birds Report

📣The 2022 State of the Birds Report is now available!📣  The report shows long-term downward trends for our nation’s birds that reveal a vital message: Birds are declining in every habitat except wetlands, where decades of investment have sparked dramatic gains. Conservation works when we give birds and nature a chance. Together, we can reverse bird declines and #BringBirdsBack!
AMJV Coordinator Todd Fearer recently discussed the 2022 State of the Birds Report and bird conservation in an interview with American Bird Conservancy and BirdWatching Magazine. Although the State of the Birds Report identifies grim trends in many bird populations, Todd shared hopeful news in the interview about how two of the species that have lost at least half of their breeding population in the last 50 years – the Cerulean Warbler and the Wood Thrush – are now showing increasing populations in some parts of their range. This is thanks, in part, to the conservation work of AMJV partners! Click here to read the full interview.