AMJV Map and Forum Tracking Tool Launches

The Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV) regional partnership is excited to announce the launching of an interactive mapping application that can create greater efficiencies in communication and use of resources to accomplish our conservation work. The Map and Forum Tracking Tool will allow the AMJV community to post bird project information, follow on-the-ground conservation activities, and participate in discussions related to specific locations or project sites within the AMJV boundary.

Our map-based forum is designed to foster targeted discussions on AMJV and Partner bird-conservation activities by linking relevant locations on a map interface with discussions and documents – reports, photos, spreadsheets. Members of the website can add content such as sketches made over the map, field journals, posts linked to bird survey locations, and year-end summary reports. In addition, members can incorporate new map layers and data and stay informed by subscribing to specific topics.

By sharing and studying information spatially, this tool will help us better visualize our efforts while enhancing planning, limiting redundancy and duplications of conservation efforts, reducing barriers to information, and facilitating greater collaboration.

Become a Member of the AMJV Website and Participate in the Mapping Forum

  • Become a member by visiting and clicking on the Register button in the top right corner
  • Fill out all appropriate fields and submit
  • Once registered and logged in, you will see the “Map Forum” tab at the right of the toolbar where you can access the tool as well as Help documents and videos
  • Upon entering the “Map Forum” you will be presented with a list of active forums. Select one to begin exploring current activity
  • The map provides street and aerial imagery references. Additional overlay layers indicate Cerulean Warbler and Golden-winged Warbler Focal Areas within the AMJV region. Annotation tools – under the Edit tab at the top of the tool – allow you to mark the map and associate forum posts with a specific location.
  • To the right of the map is a Discussion Forum panel. The top of the panel lists a summary of active forums. Below this summary is a list of topics you can add to each active Forum and below these topics are posts that can be submitted to an active topic.

A series of webinars is taking place to demonstrate the use and functionality of the tool to partners and interested members of our website. Contact AMJV Staff for information about the schedule of upcoming webinars and how to participate.