Beneficial Pollinator Planting Video – by Robert Tinnell, West Virginia Landowner

West Virginia landowner and conservationist, Robert Tinnell, created the beautiful, inspirational video above about his journey to restore biodiversity to a strip-mined – and thus nearly-barren – hilltop on his property.

At the beginning of the video, Mr. Tinnell speaks of how he remembers the now low-diversity area as once being a “mature forest with huge trees, cool laurel thickets, deep leaf litter, black dirt, and wet-weather springs that were home to salamanders.” Though he cannot quickly recreate such a complex ecosystem, he begins to restore the land by planting an acre of pollinator habitat; just one acre, but an acre that flourishes and inspires him to continue the intimidating work of restoring ecosystems on his land.

In addition to helping to spread the word of conservation through fascinating videos, Mr. Tinnell is participating in the NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) to create much-needed habitat for Cerulean Warblers.

We at the AMJV greatly appreciate and applaud all of the work that Mr. Tinnell and other landowners in Appalachia carry out for conservation and look forward to sharing more stories of habitat success!

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