How we Work

Worm Eating Warbler Courtesy of Gene Koziara/Macauly Library at the Cornell lab of Omithology

Working both collectively and independently, AMJV staff and partners conduct activities in support of bird conservation goals developed by the partnership. The goals and priorities of the AMJV are guided by our 2008 Implementation Plan as well as Strategic Plans that are developed every 5 years with input from our Management Board and Technical Committee.  AMJV staff develop annual work plans that are informed by the goals and priorities in our Strategic Plan.

Much of our bird conservation work revolves around enhancing and protecting forest habitat for birds.  This work addresses priorities established in several national bird conservation plans.  AMJV staff work with partners to provide regional planning, project coordination and development, and networking resources to connect the conservation community, while our partners provide financial, technical and local expertise to deliver conservation projects on the ground. In addition, we support local conservation partnerships, state agencies, and other partners by developing various conservation tools and resources, as well as providing educational opportunities through workshops, webinars, and other venues that assist partners with delivering the most effective habitat conservation.

The AMJV also works with a variety of partners to engage private landowners about conservation programs and to target conservation efforts in areas that will provide the most benefit. Throughout the Appalachians, private landowners play a critical role in bird conservation.