NABCI helps the bird conservation community speak with a unified voice about top priorities that our federal, state, and NGO partners agree on, and we facilitate coordinated communication with government leadership about highest priority bird conservation needs.

To help our partners communicate about priorities that most urgently need to happen and for which it will be possible to make progress over the next 3-5 years, NABCI developed a short list of National Bird Conservation Priorities.  This list compiles priority themes, strategies, and actions from across other national and international reports (such as the State of the Birds reports and the Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan), and highlights areas of consensus across bird partnerships and diverse interests in a short, concise, high-level document.

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The National Bird Conservation Priorities is meant to be presented as a four-page printed booklet. All documents are PDFs.

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Who is the audience for this document?

  • Federal leadership
  • Foundations and other funders
  • Leadership of other partner organizations

Why is this document important?

 The bird conservation community is complicated, with local, state, regional, national, and international partners representing many different interests across bird conservation.  (For a visual representation of the bird conservation community, see our infographic.) NABCI’s unified list, which finds areas of consensus across all bird conservation groups, ensures that consistent, cross-cutting needs are communicated, and provides emphasis to priorities that the broader community supports.  A short, concise list helps leadership hear the voices that are “singing the same song.”

How was this document developed?

 We extracted priorities from existing national and international broad conservation documents, such as the State of the Birds reports, Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan, North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative Business Plan, and Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy.  From this comprehensive list, we grouped priorities into five broad themes, each with 3-6 corresponding strategies.  Within each strategy, we grouped a list of priority actions.  NABCI Committee members voted on priority actions within each strategy that they felt most urgently needed to happen to achieve NABCI’s vision, and for which it would be possible to make progress within 3-5 years. Within each theme, we highlight 2 of these actions with the highest levels of consensus among NABCI partners.

What this document does and does not represent  

This document is:

  • Elevation of key priorities that have broad agreement across the bird conservation community
  • Communication tool for NABCI and partners

This document is not:

  • An attempt by NABCI to establish priorities for bird conservation; rather, this document reflects priorities gleaned from our vast partnership and works to elevate them.
  • A comprehensive list of all bird conservation priority actions; more detailed lists of bird conservation actions can be found across many other documents within the bird conservation community.
  • A list of actions NABCI itself will accomplish as a partnership. NABCI’s strategic plan guides the actions of our partnership, and while there will be overlap between the National Bird Conservation Priorities and NABCI’s own work, not all of these priorities fall within NABCI’s niche.  Individual organizations or other partnerships within the bird conservation community can take the lead on addressing these actions.