New Student Interns to Bolster AMJV Science and Communications

The AMJV is happy to have on board student interns from Virginia Tech and Hollins University who will help the Partnership on both the Science and Communication fronts. Jenna Gant, a senior at Hollins University, will be working with AMJV Science Coordinator Becky Keller starting in January 2015 on an ongoing bird-window collision study at Virginia Tech, as well as expanding this project to Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. When not pursuing her career interests in conservation, Jenna enjoys rock climbing, traipsing around in the Blue Ridge, and birding.

Melissa Skirkanich, a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in wildlife conservation and communications with a focus in multimedia journalism, will assist AMJV Communications Coordinator Matthew Cimitile in enhancing our bird conservation regional network and supporting outreach on the accomplishments of the partnership. Her passion for science and communicating that science effectively to a wide array of audiences will be put to good use in developing a multimedia map of the 2014 Annual Highlights, producing podcasts on significant bird issues, and writing articles on new research and conservation activities taking place in the Appalachians for media outlets. In her down time, Melissa enjoys the outdoors and curling up with a good book whenever she gets the chance.