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2023 AMJV Impact Report

The new 2023 AMJV Impact Report is now available for downloading and sharing! This beautiful report was designed by Liz (AMJV Outreach Specialist) to be handed out to congressional leadership during the recent Joint Venture DC Fly-in (read about the Fly-in in the Spring 2023 AMJV newsletter). The report provides a much-needed succinct and informative snapshot of the great work that the AMJV partnership has achieved in the region and will serve as a wonderful resource for educating various stakeholders. Feel free to share it widely!    

The 2022 AMJV Year in Review is now available!

Click here to view and download our 2022 Year in Review!

AMJV Partner Spotlight: Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group (AHUG) – Promoting Pennsylvania Hardwoods for More Than 35 Years!

Our AMJV partners are the backbone of bird conservation and healthy forest restoration throughout our region. To highlight some of the wonderful work they do, we will be spotlighting partners throughout the year, beginning with partners who work within our FOCAL LANDSCAPES. Partner Spotlight written by Amy Shields, Executive Director, AHUG Within the 16.6 million acres of forested landscape in Pennsylvania lies the Upper Allegheny Plateau, a region recognized worldwide for its high-quality hardwoods, dominated by black cherry, soft maple, and red oak.  In fact, while PA is home to just 30% of all the black cherry found in US forests,
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Landowner Highlight: Mike and Laura Jackson

by Liz Brewer, Outreach Specialist, AMJV When Laura Jackson’s parents let their kids pick which part of the family’s 700-acre dairy farm in Pennsylvania they each wanted to inherit, she and her husband Mike knew exactly what they wanted. They chose 120 acres on the lower slope of Tussey Mountain that had three open fields and 105 acres of forest. The Jacksons knew the history of the land; it had been high-graded twice (loggers cut the best trees and left the rest) and invasive plants were beginning to overtake the forest. The three fields were not yet the picturesque “Mountain Meadows”
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Image: Cerulean Warbler by Ryan Sanderson, Courtesy of American Bird Conservancy and Flickr

2022 State of the Birds Report

The 2022 State of the Birds Report is now available!  The report shows long-term downward trends for our nation’s birds that reveal a vital message: Birds are declining in every habitat except wetlands, where decades of investment have sparked dramatic gains. Conservation works when we give birds and nature a chance. Together, we can reverse bird declines and #BringBirdsBack! AMJV Coordinator Todd Fearer recently discussed the 2022 State of the Birds Report and bird conservation in an interview with American Bird Conservancy and BirdWatching Magazine. Although the State of the Birds Report identifies grim trends in many bird populations, Todd
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The AMJV Outreach Toolkit is now available!

Our AMJV team is excited to share with you that our brand new AMJV Outreach Toolkit – designed to help folks communicate about forest management topics – is now available on our website! Note – the Outreach Toolkit is designed to be an online “living” resource, so stay tuned for additional topic sections and content to be added in the future! Please take a few moments to browse through the Outreach Toolkit, send any comments/suggestions to us, and share the link to the toolkit with others, perhaps on social media, through e-mail, and/or in your organization’s next newsletter!