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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 4, 2021 This press release originally appeared on The AMJV is proud to be serving as one of the multiple partners working together on this habitat improvement project. Washington, D.C.—The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) is pleased to announce a grant award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) designed to engage landowners in West Virginia on forest management that benefits bird species. The project will focus on three at-risk bird species: the golden-winged warbler, the cerulean warbler, and the wood thrush. This project highlights SFI’s commitment to collaborating on sustainability solutions and elevating
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AMJV Partnership Receives Award from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to Enhance Public and Private Forests in Virginia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2021 Blacksburg, Va. — An Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV) Partnership proposal was selected as one of 12 projects receiving more than $1.9 million in National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) grants to restore forest and freshwater habitat in central Appalachia. The three-year project funded through the Central Appalachia Habitat Stewardship Program will focus on improving habitat in Virginia for three species of migratory songbirds with drastically declining populations: golden-winged warbler, cerulean warbler, and wood thrush. Project partners will collaborate to produce comprehensive forest management plans for more than 5,000 acres and active forest management on
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The 2019 Year in Review is available!

View and download our 2019 Year in Review here!

AMJV Partner Spotlight: Tennessee River Gorge Trust (TRGT)

Have we mentioned recently that our AMJV partners are AMAZING?! Today, we want to shine a spotlight (or two!) on the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (TRGT) and the awesome work that they are doing! When you hear the name Tennessee River Gorge Trust, you might think, “Oh, they protect land around the Tennessee River Gorge.” You’d be correct – to date, the Trust has protected over 6,000 acres since it was founded in 1981 and has 17,000 acres in their purview through partnerships with other organizations. They don’t just keep those acres to themselves, though – they encourage the public
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Successful 1st Eastern Partners in Flight Meeting

The Eastern Working Group of Partners in Flight held a scoping meeting at the Nashville Zoo 24-25 April 2019. Thirty people from 25 different bird conservation organizations, partnerships, and working groups attended to explore the formation of an Eastern Working Group and to identify a small number of initial priorities the group could focus on. The meeting began with a series of short presentations that provided information on the current priorities, unaddressed needs, and challenges to implementation for bird conservation in Eastern Canada and the United States. One goal of the Eastern Working Group is to take advantage of working
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WV Focal Landscape Example

Focus on Focal Landscapes

Challenges to Conservation in the Appalachian Region Most forests in the Appalachian Mountain Region have historically been or are currently impacted by many pressures, including mass deforestation, poor forest management, an influx of invasive plants and insects, and suppression of natural disturbances, like fire. These pressures reduce the health, resiliency, and ability of our forests to provide quality habitat for a diversity of plants, birds, and other wildlife. Since our formation in 2008, the AMJV has worked to build partnerships to conserve, manage, and restore the health of forest habitat across our 103 million-acre geography. However, it requires tremendous capacity
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