Our Planning Documents


The Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture was established in 2008 to coordinate and implement all-bird conservation in the Appalachian Mountains Bird Conservation Region. This Implementation Plan provides the blueprint for establishing the partnership, including an overview of the purpose of the AMJV, organizational structure, and landscape-level conservation approach.  The Implementation Plan is intended to provide Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with a roadmap for the protection, restoration, enhancement, and management of habitat needed to support populations of birds at desired levels.


Many Joint Ventures elect to periodically revise their Implementation Plan to reflect the growth and changes of their JV partnership and the conservation needs of their region.  Rather than go through a lengthy revision process, and in an effort to increase our partnership’s adaptability and responsiveness, the AMJV Management Board in 2017 opted to develop Strategic Plans on 5-year intervals beginning in 2018.  Each strategic plan will be a concise document that highlights an overarching inspirational vision and then key areas of AMJV strategy (science, conservation delivery, partnerships, engagement) that address current conservation priorities.  The Strategic Plans are developed with input from our Management Board and Technical Committee, and then AMJV staff develop annual work plans that are informed by the goals and priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan.


This Communication and Outreach Strategy is designed to promote, coordinate and deliver bird habitat conservation with natural resource partners as well as key targeted audiences. This strategy will guide AMJV’s efforts in implementing innovative and targeted communication campaigns and engagement activities over the next five years, supporting the goals and objectives laid out in the AMJV Operational Plan. It will focus and advance efforts to build public and private partnerships to ensure the long-term sustainability of native bird populations that breed in the Appalachian Mountains.