RGS awards $12,500 for future regional habitat projects

The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) and American Woodcock Society (AWS) increased membership and awarded $12,500 for future regional habitat projects through the 2014-15 RGS and AWS Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, an effort to encourage fellow grouse and woodcock hunters to create habitat and support our sporting traditions for future generations.

“RGS and AWS recognize the time is now to give back to the resource of grouse and woodcock habitat, and we are extremely grateful for the participation of our dedicated membership in making this Campaign successful,” said RGS and AWS President and CEO John B. Eichinger. “Membership in RGS and AWS significantly increases the impact that can be made on habitat, wildlife and hunting nationwide, and because of that, we wanted to award Drummer Funds for future habitat projects as part of the Campaign.”

To participate, current RGS and AWS members recruited fellow grouse and woodcock hunters for membership. The Orvis Company, a longtime RGS and AWS corporate sponsor, agreed to provide $20 gift cards for both current (recruiting) members and new members for their participation (a $40 value for a $35 membership).

In addition, the creation of young forest habitat for grouse and woodcock was an integral part of the Campaign as RGS and AWS awarded a total of $12,500 in habitat grants to state Drummer Funds in the name of winning regional participants. Habitat grant drawings were held on December 31, 2014. Awards of $2,500 were awarded to winners in each of the following regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern Appalachian, Western Great Lakes and Minnesota, Eastern Great Lakes, and one AWS award dedicated for woodcock habitat.

These habitat funds have been dedicated by habitat drawing winners to the state Drummer Funds in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin. Specific habitat plans include successional habitat maintenance in the St. Ignace District of Michigan (Chippewa and Mackinac Counties), dedication for work near the Grand Marais Chapter in Minnesota and woodcock habitat in Wisconsin.

As the leader in forest conservation, RGS and AWS dedicate all resources to ensure the next generation enjoys healthy forests, abundant wildlife and our sporting traditions. RGS and AWS make a difference by creating habitat on the ground, affecting policy and legislation, educating the public on the value of young forest habitat and always strive to introduce our beloved sporting traditions to others – both young and old.

Article by the Ruffed Grouse Society.