Second Ever Joint NE and SE PIF Meeting a Success

The second ever joint Northeast and Southeast Partners in Flight Conference brought together the bird conservation community across the eastern United States to focus on “Full Life Cycle Conservation:  Flyway-scale Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Communication”. Coordinator Todd Fearer, Science Coordinator Becky Keller, and many partners represented the AMJV at the conference, which further developed full life-cycle migratory bird conservation business plans and expanded on the initial 2013 effort to include projects highlighting efforts on breeding grounds.

Convened at Virginia Beach, VA from October 6-9, the Conference also allowed for multiple technical working groups to convene, including those for Golden-winged Warbler, Wood Thrush, Black Rail, Loggerhead Shrike, Bobolink, and Open Pinelands. Additional workshops provided hands-on opportunities for participants to learn about Griffin Groups for interacting with the greater conservation community, and the Eastern Avian Data Center, an online tool promoting improved access to national, regional and local avian data sets.