2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

2020 Field Season

This page provides a collection of resources to address key goals and priorities of the final 2020 VABBA2 field season.  Since the VABBA2’s March Kick-Off meeting was moved online, this page includes resources which would have been shared and discussed at that event.

Some of these resources are familiar, since many of the guidelines related to data collection remain unchanged.  However, please pay special attention to the 2020 Guidelines for Volunteers, which provides key updates on the project.

Volunteer Guidance for 2020 Field Season 

This article lays out the key priorities for the final field season, including:

  • Where volunteer survey effort is most needed
  • Updates to Priority Block Coverage Guidelines
  • Blockbusting Guidance

If you have more general questions about the project, which are not addressed here, refer to resources provided below, as well as the complete list of Atlas articles and tutorials on the News and Resources page.

VABBA2 Season Kick-Off Webinar Video

PDF Slides from the VABBA2 State Coordinator Talk – Guidance for Volunteers in the Final 2020 Field season (also shown in last ~45 min of the webinar)

Priority Block Target Map for 2020

This most updated version of block prioritization, closures, and assignments will also soon be available on the Atlas Block Explorer Tool.