2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

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2020 VABBA2 articles can be read via the project’s eBird portal News page found here!

VABBA2 Happy Hour Webinar Recordings

Given the limitations that covid-19 has placed on holding spring and early summer events, we are holding a series of webinars to both refresh volunteers on key Atlas methods, e.g. breeding season timelines and breeding code usage, and to connect with our volunteers across the state.  We want to hear what you’re hearing and seeing in your own local neighborhoods, as well as any questions you have about project methods going into our final fields season.  Below, we provide links to each of these webinars for later perusal, if you’re unable to attend the events live!

VABBA Happy Hour (April 22, 2020) – Breeding Dates and More!

VABBA Happy Hour (April 30, 2020) – Breeding Codes and Exceptional Species

Next scheduled Webinar – (May 14, 2020/ 6-7pm) – Birding in the Time of Coronavirus

Past-Season Project Updates

Atlas Season Four – 2019

Check out this downloadable version of our 2019 field summary.  A more detailed article can be read at: https://ebird.org/atlasva/news/a-look-back-at-2019-field-season

Atlas Season Three – 2018

Summer of 2018 marked the halfway point for the VABBA2 project.  Read more about interesting preliminary results and fundings in this final field season!

Atlas Season Two – 2017
Check out highlights from our second season of data collection by reading here.  Downloadable versions of Atlas coverage and species maps are available on the Atlas Maps page.

Atlas Season One – 2016
Read about our first project field season here and check out a summary of data from year one of the VABBA2 project at:  Season 1 Summary

Adventures in Atlasing

Project Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

Essential Atlas Tutorials

Breeding Code Guidance

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Helpful birding links and resources

For the Young Birders…

  • Check out a great website for Beginner Birder resources, suggested by Hallie, a young birder from NY!
  • Download our Young Birders Worksheet for a simplified datasheet that kids can use to collect breeding information.  (Parents, please help your young birders enter their observations into the Atlas eBird portal.)
  • For an interesting page recommended by one of our younger birders, Anabel.  Check out Birds in the Air for lots of useful birdwatching links.