Working with a Forester

Forest management can be challenging for even an experienced landowner. Factors like changing timber markets, new regulations, and emerging forest pests are just a few reasons why it is a good idea to work with a professional forester when considering management on your land.

Professional Assistance
Professional forestry experts are available to assist woodland owners in all the states within the AMJV. Many state forestry agencies offer service foresters who are available to meet with you on your property to discuss your goals and potential management options.

Additionally, state wildlife agencies, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and many other organizations have biologists and other conservation professionals on staff that can assist you in managing your land.

Consulting and Industry Foresters
You may also choose to work with a consulting forester or industry forester, who may offer services not typically provided by agency and non-profit foresters. These services include appraising timber value and estimating volume, and planning and overseeing a timber harvest. Like your home, your forestland is an important asset. Just as most people would hire a real estate agent to sell a home, you should consider the benefits of hiring a consulting forester to handle a timber harvest and other forest management activities.

Finding a Local Professional

To connect with conservation and forestry professionals and consultants in your area, visit our Local Resources page.